Now Polly slams Doyle-Price over housing standard controversy

THURROCK Labour’s parliamentary Labour candidate, Polly Billington, has joined forces with Labour leader John Kent to criticise Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price after the outspoken MP criticised Thurrock Council’s plans to propose improvement opportunities for private renters.

Ms Billington said: “I did find it odd that Thurrock’s current MP chose to dismiss plans to improve the standard of private rented property in Thurrock.

“There are over 7000 families who rent privately in Thurrock constituency, and while buying a home becomes harder that number is likely to rise in the future. Those residents have as much right to expect decent standards of housing as anyone else.

“Labour councils across the country have been setting up registers of private landlords like Thurrock is doing. More than a third of privately rented homes don’t meet basic decent standards, so to argue that all those people should not be protected or have their housing improved seems to suggest the Conservative MP doesn’t have the interests of those people at heart.

“Labour does. Labour is arguing for longer leases and fairer rents so that people can raise their children and not worry about being kicked out or being forced to move because of extortionate rent rises.

“People will have a choice at next year’s election. Those who rent their homes privately cannot rely on the Conservatives to help them. Labour will”.

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