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At the first meeting of Full Council, since the local election on 22nd May, 2014, Cllr John Kent, Leader of the Council, took it upon himself to offer some advice to the seven newly elected councillors, six of them being members of UKIP.

The first piece of advice he offered was: “Always remember the importance of being there for your constituents. How false and insincere those words must be to the residents of the South Ockendon ward who for the past three years, have been saddled with an absentee councillor, namely Cllr Aaron Kiely, and will have to suffer this sham of a councillor for a further 12 months. Cllr Kiely, making a rare appearance in the Council Chamber, was unashamedly sitting just a few feet away from Cllr John Kent. In the light of Cllr Kent’s words and the smugness and contempt Mr Kiely has displayed over the past three years his presence was an affront to those Councillors who take their responsibilities seriously and work tirelessly for their constituents.

The second piece of advice Cllr Kent offered was the need to develop a “thick skin” and “Avoid dwelling on some of the half- truths and distortions you may see in the media and at all costs avoid reading the comments that are posted on web sites”. Why so Cllr? As the saying goes “sometimes the truth hurts” and it seems some Councillors and MPs get very upset by truths and hard facts.

I offer Mr Kent a piece of advice. If you read the comments you are so dismissive of and took serious account of what people are saying then you would be more in touch with the problems and expectations of the people you are elected to serve and maybe serve them better.

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