How a Little (or two) may have gone a long way with Thurrock UKIP

NOW we can be a bit slow at Your Thurrock towers, but it did not escape our notice that amidst “The Great UKIP Abstention” at the annual Thurrock Council meeting, the magnificent six did actually vote in favour of a number of political appointments.

Then we noticed that the only appointments they actually voted in favour were for Orsett Conservative councillors, Sue and Brian Little.

That seemed very nice of them, especially in light of the “rancour, bile and vitriol” that had rained down upon Thurrock UKIP by the Thurrock Conservatives over the last few months.

Our sources suggest that the Littles may have deployed a different approach than “rancour, bile and vitriol”. That approach may have been, that they may, we stress, may have, perhaps, petitioned the UKIP family just before the council meeting and may have used the old Conservative traditions of “good manners, diplomacy and a little twist of flattery”.

YT did ask the Littles and UKIP if any such meeting took place but they have used that old fashioned technique of “discretion is the better part of valour.”

Many believe that such an approach may be more common within the Conservatives in Thurrock after approximately May 7th, 2015…..

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