Thurrock Council chief says: “I wouldn’t advertise in newspapers

THERE WAS a number of significant milestones passed last week, that may have passed you by.

An Ofcom report showed that for the first time, more people were accessing their news on the web than on print.

The news was released at a media conference in Salford.

At the same conference, a city council boss slammed what he called “futile” spending on advertising road closures and other public notices in local newspapers.

Ged Fitzgerald, chief executive of Liverpool City Council, said his authority was forced to spend £150,000 a year advertising statutory notices in the local press which would be better spent elsewhere.

So, during an interview with the chief executive of Thurrock Council, Graham Farrant, we asked him whether he agreed with Mr Fitzgerald.

Government ministers decided in 2012 to leave unchanged the system whereby councils are required to advertise traffic notices in local newspapers following a fierce lobbying campaign by the Newspaper Society.

At the moment, Thurrock Council have a contract with the Thurrock Enquirer to advertise statutory notices.

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