Top Tory less than impressed with Thurrock Labour’s plans for savings

A SENIOR Thurrock Conservative councillor has poured scorn on the saving plans by the Labour group on Thurrock Council.

Ockendon councillor Barry Johnson said: “Cllr Kent has had three years to prepare and because he and his group has chosen to pick easy savings like cutting back on stationery etc they appear to live in hope that the problem will go away.

“Suggestions to save money put forward by Conservative members have repeatedly been ignored or put on the back burner. I have recently read about the expected savings of £3m by Hertfordshire who have embraced LED lighting on the roads, but Thurrock does very little to follow suit.

“Residents will do well to remember that large chunks of these savings will need to be made to cover loan interest repayments. Time and again Labour-run Thurrock has had the opportunity to use savings on low interest rates over the past years to reduce this debt but instead it increaes year on year.

“For many years now it has been pointed out that only “zero based budgeting’ will allow the Council, which is essentially a service based industry, to ensure it has the correct number of staff on the front line as opposed to management posts in ivory towers to financially run the service.

“He is correct that no one came into politics to cut services or jobs, however, had his party not saddled each man woman and child with over £20k of national debt by spending £6 for every £4 in tax revenue we would not be in this position today.

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