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Blog-post: Like after being a councillor….

Blog-post by Martin Healy

YT welcomes Martin Healy to our growing band of bloggers as he reflects on life after being a councillor for the last four years.

Leaving public life to spend more time at sport and arts events

IT was Friday, so off to my boy’s u9 cricket ‘el Classico’ Belhus v Horndon. It’s the away leg for our go-ahead Belhus club team. All the boys are brilliant. Truly entertaining fare and our team edge it by just one run.

Sunday, it is an all day football tournament at st clere’s school in Stanford-le-hope. All day because my daughters u11 LTD team played in the morning and the afternoon with my Son fits in nine games for his Thurrock FC u8s. What a truly well run football tournament, the best organised that i have attended. St clere’s is a cooperative academy school and clearly the school work hard with their local community. Long may this continue.

Leavers mass for st Thomas’ year 6 in Grays on Tuesday eve. At the end, the children sing the st thomas’ anthem so beautifully, it is enough to make me a little emotional.

A busy week of school events, sports day on Monday, thurrock junior musical festival and Alice in wonderland performance at the convent on Thursday. Before i know it, I will be back at north Stifford village clubhouse on Friday evening sporting a glass of red, watching my boy with our Belhus u9s taking instruction in God’s own sport of cricket.

It all happens in Thurrock, doesn’t it. How on earth did i ever find the time before to attend thurrock council meetings, campaign for the Labour party and complete councillor casework?


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