Fire on a ship in the port of Tilbury

FIRE CREWS tackled a blaze on board a 20,000 tonne ship at Carrier Berth 4 in the port of Tilbury.

Crews arriving at the scene at 2pm reported that a JCB is well alight inside the ship and close to a cargo of wood chippings. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used one main jet to tackle the blaze and to damp down the wood chippings to prevent spread.

Ten pumps had been sent to the scene – the pre determined attendance of an incident of this kind.

There are no reported casualties.

At 15:21 hrs, the incident commander reports that the fire is out. Firefighters are using one hose reel to cool the machinery affected by the blaze and inspecting hotspots.

The incident was dealt with by 03:38 hrs. The fire was extinguished using one hose reel and one main jet.

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