Poll has UKIP set to take Thurrock in 2015 General Election

A NEW poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft today has revealed that UKIP is currently on course to make history in the constituency of Thurrock next year by electing a UKIP MP.

The poll shows UKIP leading on 36% in the constituency, with Labour trailing on 30% and the Conservatives with 28%.

UKIP MEP and prospective Thurrock candidate Tim Aker said: “This poll shows that the people of Thurrock are ready to make history next year by electing a UKIP MP.

“I will be putting my heart and soul over the next year, as I have for the past few years, into showing the people of Thurrock why UKIP represents the best option for the constituency and the change they want to see. As the only local candidate who is from the borough I want to see Thurrock lead the country in doing politics differently; less soundbites, more straight talking.

“I truly believe UKIP can win in Thurrock: we’ve had Councillors elected here and I am determined our messages of common sense on controlling immigration, getting out of the EU and putting local people first will be messages we get out to every single resident in the constituency.

“People have had enough of the complacent Tories and Labour and next year they will have their chance to vote for a proper alternative. UKIP is the party that gives a voice to those that the legacy parties are no longer interested in and have contempt for.”

You can read the poll here (page 7 has the figures adjusted for accuracy): http://lordashcroftpolls.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Thurrock-July-2014-Full-tables.pdf ​

YT will be gauging the reaction of the other candidates over the next few days.

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