Aveley’s young people set for the high seas!

COME October, 13 of Aveley’s young people will be setting sail and manning the good ship Faramir.

For three days our young people will take over the running of the Faramir and learn some of the skills needed to safely navigate open water under sail. Faramir, a Ketch with a length of 22.35m and a breadth of 5.26, was designed by Marine Architect David Cannell in 1982, specifically for use as a sail training vessel.

The trip will, depending on the weather, travel through parts of the North Sea and the Thames Estuary as it explores the East Coast of England.

The ship has professional crew who will conduct the training and the ship is run and operated by the Cirdan Sailing Trust.

This trip would not have been possible without a grant of nearly £3,000 from the Cirdan Voyage of Discovery Trust. The remaining £1,000 has come from the Aveley Village Community Forum’s funds.

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