Jackie Doyle Price and Polly Billington defiant on UKIP poll

BOTH Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price and Labour candidate, Polly Billington have poured cold water on the Lord Ashcroft poll that predicted a UKIP victory in Thurrock in the 2015 General Election.

Thurrock’s Conservative MP, Jackie Doyle Price may only have a majority of 92 but continues to remain defiant.

Ms Doyle Price said: “There is only one poll that matters and that is the General Election next year. The public will be faced with a choice: do they want Ed Miliband as Prime Minister or do they want David Cameron?

“I am quite confident that the public will decide they cannot afford a Labour Government and that there is only one choice

Labour candidate, Polly Billington was in equally defiant mood.

Ms Billington said “People in Thurrock are frustrated with the same old politics, and UKIP look like an attractive solution. But their easy slogans hide a harsh reality for working people.

“UKIP really stand for higher taxes for working families, tax cuts for the rich, charges to see your GP, and scrapping maternity and holiday pay. Like the Tories only more so.

“I got into politics to be different, to work with people to change their community for the better, not just tell them how it’s going to be. That’s why I am pressing local employers to tackle low pay and job insecurity, campaigning for better jobs for Thurrock residents, and for more chances for our young people to earn and learn, start a business and set up home. That’s why I am fighting to protect our stroke unit at Basildon hospital, for quicker access to GP services and against dangerous cuts to our fire service.

“Thurrock can be a great place but neither UKIP nor the Tories are the answer.

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