Funding for anti-racism organisation: “Nothing to do with us” says councillor

NOW we know that Thurrock Council communities boss, cllr Richard Speight was quite a footballer at Cambridge University but he has just shown he can still swerve and dribble like Lionel Messi when it comes to the subject of funding cuts in Thurrock.

As reported yesterday (July 24th), Thurrock Council has identified organisations such as Transvol and the Citizens Advice Bureau as part of their funding cuts.

Conservative politicians such as cllr Ben Maney (as well as MP Jackie Doyle Price) has suggested that they look at organisations such as anti-racism org. Trust as well as community engagement organisation, Ngage.

Cllr Speight has gone on the record to set the record straight regarding the cuts.

Cllr Speight said: “Cllr Maney needs to get his facts straight. Funding levels to both TRUST or NGage are determined by the CVS – a decision that allows voluntary grants to be determined by the voluntary sector and one that enjoyed cross-party support. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau stands outside this arrangement for historic reasons.

“This isn’t a case of singling out organisations, this is going to be an incredibly difficult time for all voluntary organisations in Thurrock. We are trying, as we have been trying for the last four years, to make the cuts handed to us by the Tory government in the fairest way possible.

“These comments by Cllr Maney once again show a staggering lack of awareness in the Conservative group about the scale of cuts we have to make. £37 million of cuts in the next three years will strip this council to the bone. Aside from political posturing, they have no answers and no credibility on how they would save this money.”

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