Residents lose as Friends of Hardie Park get licence for booze

THE Friends of Hardie Park in Stanford-le-Hope have secured an on-licence for the area for up to three events a year.

Thurrock Council’s licensing sub-committee granted the licence on Thursday (24 July) evening.

The Friends of Hardie Park asked for for a licence to cover live music, recorded music, performances of dance, and the supply of alcohol (for consumption on the premises only) between 11am and 4pm Monday to Thursday and 11am and 10pm Friday to Sunday.

Members of the sub-committee supported Essex Police’s request for a series of conditions to be placed on the licence, including the use of a Challenge 25 policy must be in operation at the premises and all staff must be trained in its operation; a personal licence holder must be present at every point of sale for the whole period that the premises is open; no alcohol or soft drinks to be served in bottles – all have to be decanted into plastic drinking vessels; and no member of the public is to be able to leave the premises while in possession of alcohol.

Further concerns from the council’s own environmental health team were also addressed by conditions, including that no more than three events a year be held and use of the park for events is restricted to the Friends and is not “sold” to third parties.

Sub-committee chair, Cllr Mike Stone, appealed to the Friends of Hadie Park – who were at the meeting – to engage with local people after a 39-name petition was received.

Speaking afterwards, he said: “We felt the enthusiasm of the Friends to create something new and exciting for their local area deserved support, but it is equally important that local people are not upset by the proposals.

“I hope and expect that the friends will be able to liaise with people whose homes neighbour the park and that a hap-py compromise can be achieved.

“My colleagues and I also felt that six events a year was too many and that three was sufficient.”

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