Bulphan WI: July meeting

By Rita Appleby

DOLLY Good went to the AGM and told us all what went on and how much she enjoyed it as she also met some old friends. Jo Livingstone was our speaker who is the author of ‘Do you want to write your life story?’

We all enjoyed her very informative talk where she broke down the different reasons you would want to write your life story, for example for social history; your children; for posterity or to stimulate your brain. She told us how you could start to write your life and memories such as why you chose your job; the men you didn’t marry; a chance meeting that changed your life and the friend you lost touch with.

For social history your memories of WW2; rationing; women’s bank accounts; old coinage; telephones; air travel; women’s lib and computer/internet. Jo has agreed to come back and talk to us about ‘Face blindness’ which she has experience of.

Next month’s meeting is on 13th August: Open Meeting – Women in Islam, bring a friend. Speakers Dr. Anne Davidson; Miss Shereen Mahmood. Plus Thurrock Foodbank donations as usual, especially tined fish, tinned fruit, long-life juice, tinned carrots, tinned sweetcorn and buscuits.

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