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Blogpost: Scottish independence…Burning chips and sinking ships


YT asked its occasional blogger and resident of Edinburgh, Grant Campbell to give us his opinion on the upcoming vote on Scottish independence.

So is it "Aye" or "Nae chance?"

I have yet to hear George Michael extolling the virtues of staying together, or of being apart, perhaps like many he has no opinion and in truth doesn’t really care, but some, and by that I mean the minority, do care and have a chance to vent their angst at the prospect of Whitehall rule for a further 300 years.

Tumult, hand wringing, placard waving, egg throwing, so far we have had it all and the ever bushy-browed Darling reinforcing the shift of true Labour to the right, almost merging into an anachronism of "Tory-itus".

However, will it affect Thurrock?; will it affect the ordinary man, the traveller, the potential expat living in deepest darkest Essex: possibly, but then again…this isn’t about "Freedom", after all we are up to a point free citizens, some freer than others and thus perhaps confusion reigns but in essence we are not hugely restricted.

What it is about is a reconciliation of former injustice, a classic dirty great chip of pine on the shoulder and an end to being treated like the demented but oft forgotten child in a dysfunctional family.

Not everyone will agree, of course not, that’s the idea of democracy in action but I want some say in how money is spent up here, how I can live and enjoy my life, drinking to excess if I wish it, behaving badly at weddings and generally making the most of the short time I have.

What I don’t want, is to be responsible for what happens down south, just as they don’t want to be responsible for what happens up here.

But like it or not we are united, the majority by birth and consequence and by living on an island…. there is a clue here…, were it a continent it would not be such a passionate debate and arguably we would be much more content in our situation.

The ordinary man, and you know who your are, understands what’s needed, it’s not a full break, more like a substitution at half time, the jakeys ( the editor will interpret) won’t care as long as the cans of super lager remain affordable.

Standards countrywide will improve until the class system is fully installed by the potentially departing tories , but deeper than this, the chip needs to be removed, we need to be big enough to accept we are part of an island and we must communicate not growl, unless at some sporting event. Yes of course things are different here but reality would suggest that we have commonality.

Most forget that independence was won in the 70’s. It wasn’t installed due to the nature of the agreement. We then had years of retribution through perverse means, a denial of rights (think of the miners) and the forced undertaking of Thatcherite policies (think poll tax), yes of course these things affected the south lands as well, but the chip got bigger and bigger and now we stand proud, our own parliament a leader who can actually converse and one who scares the beejesus out of Cameron and in many ways we want revenge not freedom.

How will it go, who knows, its bound to be close, it was last time and while the harpists call for a break in the flow of oil money, (what next, water..) what the majority of us want is to be recognised as capable, not some minor affliction but a country that has its own past, its history, both alone and as part of the island, we need to burn the chip, but we also need our freedom.


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