Mayor praises Tilbury Fun Day

THE Mayor of Thurrock – and a Tilbury councillor – Steve Liddiard was full of praise for an event in the town when he spoke at Wednesday (10 September) evening’s meeting of the council.

Cllr Liddiard said: “I had the pleasure of attending a family fun day on 21 August, hosted by the Community Safety Partnership and the Troubled Families team.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to bring the local community together, providing a chance for them to share activities and take information away from a host of agencies.

“The event was superbly organised by the Tilbury Riverside Project and my thanks go out to the police, fire, housing, trading standards, health, Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions, and Tilbury Heritage for their attendance and displays.

“Among the key messages on the day was how to protect your children and keep them safe online.

“This was delivered by the council’s troubled families’ team as a finale to their summer arts project. They came up with the catch phrase ‘Talk to someone face-to-face’ which they promoted on the day.”

He added: “The second message was how the Thurrock community is determined to tackle hate crime. The Community Safety Partnership promoted the Stop the Hate crime campaign encouraging victims to come forward and report this.

“I felt the day was an outstanding success as there were hundreds of people attending and everyone I spoke to had fun as a family and a community.”

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