New recycling bags for Thurrock’s flats

OVER the coming months Thurrock Council will be rolling out new recycling plans across the borough for people living in flats – both private and council owned.

The council will be providing re-useable blue bags for people living in flats, they are made of hessian and can hold an average two or three days’ clean recycling.

The Harrisons Wharf area of Purfleet was the first to have the new bags, which were delivered on Monday (6 October) and they can be used to store recycling as well as carrying recycling to the recycling wheelie bin or Euro bin outside.

The bag can keep recycling tidy inside people’s homes and can reduce the number of trips people have to make to the outside recycling bin.

Everyone who recycles is asked to remove lids from bottles, rinse out containers, and squash or flatten containers.

Unfortunately recycling bins are sometimes contaminated with general refuse which can result in the whole lorry-load being rejected at the recycling plant. This increases the cost to the council – and therefore council tax payers – as the cost of disposing of general waste is far higher than the cost of recycling.

Thurrock is constantly looking at ways the borough can increase its recycling rate and this scheme is aimed at encouraging people living in flats to follow the excellent example set by those who have the blue, green or grey, and brown bins at their houses.

The new bags being delivered to flats over the coming months comes with a guide what can and cannot be recycled in Thurrock.

People who receive the bags are asked not to leave the bags outside the flat on walkways or landings where it could be a hazard.


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