Thurrock UKIP open new office in Grays

WE HAVE said it before and we have said it again, the Thurrock UKIP party seem to have momentum.

On Tuesday lunchtime, UKIP’s East of England regional organiser, George Konstantinidis opened the UKIP office on Orsett Road, Grays.

The office was packed by loyal and keen supporters as Mr Konstantinidis cut the ribbon.

Afterwards, they spilled out onto Orsett Road in preparation for a photo-op. Car after car bibbed their horns in support of the party (even a Thurrock Council van joined in!).

And as we interviewed Thurrock MEP Tim Aker, some of the UKIP councillors were taken on casework.

We spoke to Tim Aker, who is the UKIP candidate for Thurrock in the General Election next year, about the significance of opening an office.

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