Jackie Doyle-Price and Hassenbrook Academy: A warning from history

IT WAS another late night at Your Thurrock towers on Wednesday night. The TV was on in the corner of the office. It was tuned to BBC4. The film Downfall was on. Downfall traces the last day in power of a politician in Berlin in the spring of 1945 as they rant and rave in what can only be described as a "bunker mentality".

Suddenly, as if by magic, a tweet appears from twitter account of Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price (maj 92).

The tweet said: "See who my son’s school thinks is Prime Minister. If they can’t care to get that right….."

We identified the school as Hassenbrook and it appeared to be their History board.

The message on the board seemed to be illustrating that there were a number of famous people who had studied History, who had gone on to a variety of professions. E.g: Coldplay’s Chris Martin: Musician; Louis Theroux (TV presenter) and Gordon Brown (Prime Minister). As we all know, Gordon Brown ceased to be PM in May 2010 and is now (just) the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath….

It cannot of been an easy week for Hassenbrook Academy.

Monday: St Clere’s get a glowing Ofsted report

Tuesday: Gable Hall get a glowing Ofsted report

Wednesday: Lambasted by Thurrock MP on twitter.

So, we thought we would give the right of reply to the principal of Hassenbrook Academy, Michelle Bamber.

She said:“Our noticeboard appears to have been mis-interpreted. It serves to alert pupils of careers undertaken by high profile people who have studied Humanities subjects.

"Our Humanities Department are hugely successful, with 83% of pupils having gained an A* to C in Citizenship this Summer and were held in high esteem recently by a visiting HMI who felt that there was some exemplary practice in this area of our curriculum”.

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