Victim referrals for Thurrock rape crisis "Through the roof"

THE NUMBER of referrals to rape crisis in Thurrock has had a massive increase in 2014.

The frightening statistic comes as the South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis centre (SERICC) has been awarded £140,000 for the years 2014-2016 from the rape support fund to help provide victims with access to advice, support and counselling.

Through Rape Crisis England and Wales, South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre (SERICC) began campaigning in 2006 for a national Rape Crisis fund.

The Rape Support fund was established in 2010 to address the fact that Rape Crisis Centres have been historically underfunded causing a loss of services and closures.

A spokesperson for SERICC said: "The Rape Support Fund is a contribution towards service costs over the next two years. Recent high profile cases such as Savile and child exploitation cases in Rotherham have increased the demand for SERICC’s sexual violence support services.

"Whilst we welcome the continuation of this vital funding from Central Government, we are also seeing a number of funding streams reduced or removed despite ever increasing case loads and waiting lists.

"During 2013-2014 SERICC has provided 2245 specialist counselling sessions, 1140 hours of advocacy support and 830 group work places to women and girls/boys who have experienced sexual violence and child sexual abuse.

"SERICC has received the same amount of victim referrals in the first four months of this year as in the whole of last year".

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