Aaron Kiely, ISIS and a storm over an NUS motion

CONTROVERSIAL Ockendon councillor, Aaron Kiely, has provoked a storm of outrage over comments he has made about the terrorist group ISIS.

Councillor Kiely, who is up for re-election in May 2015, wrote an article for the Stop The War website in which he slammed "The smear campaign in the media accusing the anti-war movement of supporting the barbaric terrorist group ISIS."

Cllr Kiely did this after a National Union of Students (NUS) Executive motion to condemn ISIS was defeated.

The bill called for the NUS to support unity between Muslims, condemn the bloody terror of ISIS (also known as the Islamic State), and support a boycott on people who fund the militants.

But the motion offended Black Students Officer Malia Bouattia, who said: “We recognise that condemnation of ISIS appears to have become a justification for war and blatant Islamaphobia.

In his article, Cllr Kiely articulated in full his thoughts on the matter.

"Young people and students want a future free from the scourge of war, terrorism and Islamophobia.’

He then asserted that: "The current US bombing campaign of Iraq and Syria will not defeat ISIS. The way to defeat ISIS is not by using the methods which led to its creation.

"Over the past week there have been a series of atrocities which included Kurds being slaughtered by ISIS at Kobane in the north of Syria. Perversely, US imperialism is colluding with Turkey, which is blocking any arms reaching the Kurds so they can defend themselves against ISIS.

Cllr Kiely has attracted a great deal of criticism in Thurrock due to the large number of meetings he has missed despite receiving thousands of pounds of taxpayers money.

According to Thurrock Council leader, John Kent, cllr Kiely is the subject of an internal investigation by Labour.

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