Mayor impressed with healthy Stifford Clays Primary

THURROCK mayor, cllr Steve Liddiard visited Stifford Clays Primary school on Monday to see how the school promotes healthy lifestyle to it’s students.

The Mayor was able to see the variety of healthy dinners that Stifford Clays has to offer as well as many healthy orientated displays throughout the school.

The Mayor also watch our new structure for Physical Education lessons, and how each lessons are now challenging, engaging and beneficial to all of the students at Stifford Clays.

As well as watching an indoor P.E session, the Mayor also watched a P.E theory lesson with year 3’s, This enabled the Mayor to see how at Stifford Clays children are also learning the importance of physical education and being healthy within a classroom.

Lastly the Mayor got to hear about all the new exciting sports clubs at the school and how there is so much on offer for all ages.

At the end of the visit the Mayor said: "I am very impressed in what the school is offering it’s overall promotion of healthy lifestyles".

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