This is not a love song: John Lydon slams Russell Brand over voting

HE MAY be wrong, he may be right but former Sex Pistol John Lydon does not care for Russell Brand’s take on voting.

The Sex Pistol, who earlier this week called the Essex-born comedian a “bum hole” for refusing to vote, has taken his denunciation of Brand even further by saying: “It’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.”

Speaking to Polly Toynbee in an interview for the Guardian, he added: “The likes of Russell Brand coming along and saying something so damn ignorant is absolutely spoon-feeding it to them.

“Your individuality, your sense of right. You must not forget 100 years ago, who could vote here? And to have that so easily, so flippantly, ignored, in that lazy arse ‘I take drugs and tell not funny jokes’ way” – though it must be noted that Brand has been clean for over a decade.

“You have to vote, you have to make a change,” he says. “You’re given lousy options, yes, but that’s better than nothing at all.”

What I said is there is nothing worth voting for," he insisted.

The comedian-come-political commentator sparked outrage in October last year after saying: "Don’t bother voting. Stop voting, stop pretending, wake up, be in reality now. Why vote? We know it’s not going to make any difference."

In a heated interview with Jeremy Paxman, Brand added that Britons "shouldn’t vote… that’s one thing they should do, don’t bother voting."

Former Grays resident and Hollywood star, Brand said in 2013 that "If there was something worth voting for, I’d vote for it."

Brand added: "I’d certainly encourage other people, if they think that there’s a political party that represents their views, if they think there are politicians out there that are speaking on their behalf by all means vote for them."

"No parties, are brave enough to take on "financial economical and corporate entities" and until one does, he adds, he will not be voting".

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