Swimming: Alan Michell Memorial Gala results

THURROCK Swimming Club hosted the first Alan Mitchell Memorial gala at Blackshots. It was in memory of Thurrock’s previous Head Coach who passed away last year due to cancer.

Alan’s family turned up and a lot of kind words were said during the event but the real talking took place in the pool and Alan would have been so proud.

The swimmers swam out of their skins and there were amazing performances by all.

The team atmosphere was outstanding and a great time was had by swimmers, coaches and parents. Swimmers who participated were;

Aaron Lambie, Andrew Martindale, Annabel Speers, Azar Aitmarri, Bethany Bryne, Eden Astbury, Ellen Pegram, Ellie Martin, Gracie Mae Martin, Irati Gonzalez Ruiz, Jack Conroy, James Edgings, Lewis Cutting, Luke Crofts, Martine Tran, Mia Fursedonne, Rebecca Honeywell, Rebecca West, Remi Tran, Samual Barella, Louie Ridgway, Aimee Newport, Harry Geggus, Tillie Geggus, Abbigayle Still, Abby Ridgway, Abby Smith, Amy Allen, Brian Wong, Eden Parkin, Grace Bell, Harrison Jarvis, Jimmy Taylor, Kieron Harris, Megan Williams, Mide Olajide, Robert Buckley, Somiya Aitmarri, Teni Ogunlesi, Tilly Mayes, Jaheim Konteh, Alexa Miles-Stevens, Amelia Patterson, Cate Diaz, Daniel Ajetunmobi, Ella Allen, Harrison Dessoy, Jenson Hurrell, Joshua Ogunlesi, Lilian Tagg, Radost Milkova, Redd Wade, Eleanor Lennon, Phoebe Brennan

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