Thurrock Council to re-inforce "Stop means stop" campaign

THURROCK Council is running its annual Stop Means Stop campaign aimed at drivers who fail to stop or who are rude and abusive to school crossing patrols.

To highlight the campaign patrols are wearing an orange fluorescent and reflective tabard over their uniform and wearing an orange hat.

During the past year, the road safety team at the council have received a number of complaints from patrols about the selfish behaviour of some drivers.

Complaints ranged from failing to stop, driving around the officer when they are on the road, using abusive language, threatening physical violence, and loudly revving the engine while the patrol and children are in the road.

Thurrock Mayor, Cllr Steve Liddiard, said: “Crossing patrols play a vital role in ensuring children have safe routes to and from the school.

“They should be able to do this without fear of intimidation or threating behaviour.

“Drivers should remember that if their journey takes them through a patrolled area they should always allow extra time, slow down and be prepared and willing to stop when asked to do so by the patrol officer.”

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