Tuesday, March 21, 2023

MP Stephen Metcalfe backs funding for literacy and numeracy in the workplace

SOUTH BASILDON and East Thurrock, MP Stephen Metcalfe has shown his support for a National Consortium of Colleges and Providers (NCCP) campaign to alert British businesses to the potential £50m of funding available to provide basic literacy and numeracy training in the workplace.

Some of the biggest names in Basic Skills provision have launched the major national campaign, named ‘For Business, For Life’. Together, as the NCCP, they are reaching out to business leaders in every sector to tell them about the advantages of their employees receiving training in English and maths. In addition to acquiring more confident and ambitious workers, the vast majority will receive government funding for the training. It will cost them nothing.1

For the first time, funding is now available for all businesses, from start-ups to FTSE100 giants, to bring English and maths into the workplace at no cost to themselves.1And for small businesses, there is a cash incentive to improve their employees’ skills.

Stephen Metcalfe commented: "It is so important that employers are made aware of every opportunity available to help benefit and improve their workforces.

The training and improving of these skills will not only benefit businesses, but also perform a huge social good to people up and down the country, who for one reason or another have fallen out of step with some of the most basic of life skills.

"I encourage all interested employers to visit the NCCP website at http://www.ncc.ac.uk/ and have a look at this incredible opportunity."


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