Ofsted impressed by "Exciting" Woodside Academy in glowing inspection

WOODSIDE Academy is the first Thurrock primary school to be inspected against the tough new standards Ofsted introduced this term and received a resounding good in all areas.

Woodside Principal Edward Caines said: “We are extremely pleased to see that, even against the new, much higher standards, Ofsted not only judged Woodside as good but recognized our pupils’ outstanding cultural development. This is a tribute to our staff and pupils and to everything we have done since becoming an academy”

The inspection on 24th and 25th September found the academy "Good" over each of the five aspects of achievement, behaviour, teaching, leadership and early years provision.

Ofsted said: “Pupils love coming to the academy in the morning and say there are lots of ‘awesome’ clubs and lessons are interesting and enjoyable. They also say there is no bullying and they feel very safe at the academy.”

They found :“The headteacher provides strong and decisive leadership to the academy" and said that because of this all pupils

“…make good progress from their starting points and achievement is good and improving”.

The report outlines the next steps for the academy to improve still further by giving all teachers a clearer idea of how to achieve outstanding learning for their pupils with an emphasis on challenging activities for the more able.

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