Top 10 Annuals

For many youngsters – and even some adults – Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a hardback annual in their stocking or hidden under the tree.

From traditional classics like The Beano and Rupert Bear to modern-day favourites such as Peppa Pig, annuals are a great way of bringing a slice of festive cheer to your home.

We’ve joined forces with Waterstones to come up with our top ten annuals for Christmas 2014, kicking off with the world’s best-seller – the Guinness World Records.

(Guinness £10) Guinness World Records 2015

Ever wondered how far a dog can ride a scooter or who’s swallowed the most swords underwater? Want to know about the latest sporting achievements, extreme bodies and cutting-edge tech? Find the answers to these questions and many more mind-boggling feats in the all-new Guinness World Records 2015.

(D C Thomson £10.00)The Beano Annual 2015

Join Dennis and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, The Numskulls and Roger the Dodger for mischief, mayhem and menacing. The Beano Annual 2015 features all your favourite characters from Britain’s best-selling comic, The Beano. Packed with comic strips, puzzles, games and gags, The Beano Annual 2015 is essential reading for the whole family

(D C Thomson £3.99)The Dandy Annual 2015

With 112 pages of comics, puzzles, games and activities, The Dandy Annual 2015 provides cracking value. Featuring family favourites including Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat, Winker Watson and Brassneck to guarantee giggles for everybody. The Dandy Annual 2015 delivers laughs by the sack-load.

(Ladybird Books £6.39) peppa pig annual 2015

With two new stories, puzzles, activities and much more, The Official Peppa Pig Annual 2015 is the ultimate stocking-filler for Peppa fans.

(Scholastic £6.39)Annual 2015 – Horrible Histories

This is a must-have for all Horrible Histories fans. Packed with foul facts, gory games, dreadful jokes, quick quizzes and putrid puzzles – it’s the annual with rat-itude. Discover all the dreadful details about your favourite eras of history from the Rotten Romans, to the Terrible Tudors and the Gorgeous Georgians to the Woeful World Wars. History has never been so horrible.

(D C Thomson £5.99)The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker

Ssshh! Top Secrets revealed: This Jacqueline Wilson Annual 2015 includes story writing tips and tricks, puzzles, quizzes and lots more fun stuff. Learn how to become an awesome artist with Nick’s sketching tips and aspire to design, make and create.

(Pedigree Books £6.39)Shoot Annual 2015

Young football fans will love this annual jam-packed with quizzes, activities and stats.

(Ladybird Books £6.39)lego official annual 2015

Packed with puzzles, activities, super stories and much more, this LEGO annual is perfect for fans of the popular building toys.

(Egmont £6.39)The Rupert Annual 2015

In this year’s Rupert Annual, Rupert is having lots of fun with his friends, and he meets a few new faces, too. Stuart Trotter’s new story, Rupert and Snowflake, is no exception. After a trip to the toy shop, Rupert finds he has a stowaway. Will he be able to see Snowflake safely home? Or will Snowflake continue to cause mischief in Nutwood?

The Rupert Annual 2015 (Hodder £6.39)

A whole year of Famous Five fun for readers new and old; this annual is packed with stories, puzzles, quizzes and full-colour illustrations.

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