Ockendon councillor Aaron Kiely slams witch hunt of Tower Hamlets mayor

OCKENDON councillor Aaron Kiely was one of the keynote speakers at a "Stop the Witch-hunt" rally in support of controversial Tower Hamlets mayor Luftur Rahman.

Councillor Kiely joined former London mayor Ken Livingstone and Respect MP George Galloway as they sought to defend criticism of Mr Rahman.

Many of the questions posed were around" "What exactly did Mayor Rahman do wrong?"

Mr Rahman’s record on education, social progress, house building programme was accentuated in the meeting.

Cllr Kiely wrote on his Twitter feed: "What a hero! Go Lutfur! Know you’ll get through this. Tower Hamlets will continue to overcome racism, lies & smears.


"Lutfur Rahman should never have been barred from standing as Labour candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets in the first place".

Cllr Kiely will not be standing for re-election in Ockendon in May 2015.

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