Council set to go to parliament to argue new Dartford Crossing case

THURROCK Council will be presenting its evidence to the Strategic River Crossings Parliamentary inquiry on Monday, 12 January.

Details and times are not yet available, but the council has been told it has been selected to give oral as well as written evidence to the Transport Select Committee.

Planning and Transportation director, David Bull, said: “We told everyone who came to September’s public meeting on the crossings at the Culver Centre that we were hoping to be invited to speak to Parliament and now we know we will.

“Over the coming month or so we will be releasing details of our evidence and people interested in what we will be saying can come and listen.”

At a previous public meeting, in April, the council was asked to launch an online petition against another Thames crossing in the borough. This is still open on the council’s website –

“I am pleased that I will have the chance to explain to MPs why no new crossing is needed in Thurrock,” says council leader John Kent.

Following the news that the Transport Select Committee’s Strategic River Crossing’s Inquiry has invited Thurrock to give oral evidence on 12 January, Cllr Kent said: “I have spoken to thousands of local people about this issue and I have listened to thousands of local people too.

“I have written to government ministers and I have written to our own MPs as well.

“But on Monday, 12 January, I will be going to the House of Commons and I will be speaking face-to-face with members of the Transport Committee and explaining what needs to change, what needs to be done and why Thurrock should not be asked to suffer a fourth river crossing to blight our lives.

“In the meanwhile I want to ask as many people as possible to sign the online petition or one of the paper petitions that are going to appear over the coming days and weeks.

“We need to show that Thurrock is united. None of the Above means exactly what it says. Thurrock’s done its bit and the nation needs to look elsewhere; Thurrock’s done its bit and the government needs to consider all crossing options, both to the east and the west of our borough; Thurrock’s done its bit and it’s time to have a reasoned evidence-based debate about the future.”

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