DP World welcome Seafarers to London Gateway

DP WORLD London Gateway and The Centres for Seafarers are delighted to announce the opening of the Centre for Seafarers at DP World London Gateway. The centre provides a safe haven for seafarers whilst vessels are in port.

Located within the DP World London Gateway facilities, the centre is equipped with free Wi-Fi, computer space, telephones and a small library of books. The seafarers will also have access to port chaplains and the on-site restaurant. Most importantly, the centre allows the seafarers to communicate with their family and friends back home thanks to the free Wi-Fi, often not available whilst at sea.

The centre is the result of close collaboration between the team at DP World, led by Emma Deary, Business Projects Officer and The Centre for Seafarers. After the opening ceremony John Hughes, Chairman of Centres for Seafarers commented, “We all came away with a very warm glow… We have set up a number of these Centres and seldom do they come together so neatly as at DP World London Gateway. They have shown support for both the welfare of seafarers and those that support the seafarers that visit our shores.”

The facility was opened by Simon Moore, CEO of DP World London Gateway, himself a former seafarer, following a few words of thanks and encouragement by the Charity’s Chairman, John Hughes and a blessing by Deacon Paul Glock, one of the visiting port chaplains.

DP World London Gateway and Centres for Seafarers look forward to seeing an increasing number of seafarers using and benefitting from this facility.

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