Labour’s concerns for Aveley GP service backed up by experts

LABOUR’S campaign for a better GP service in Aveley has been backed up by the inspectorate which checks up on the NHS.

A worrying report out this week shows there are 7 areas for concern about Aveley medical centre – including the lengthy waiting times that residents have rasied with campaigners on the doorstep

Labour’s candidate in Aveley John O’Regan has already written to the local commissioning group because of residents concerns calling for them to explain how they are going to improve things.

He wrote:

“I am aware that there are many national circumstances that may be contributing to the difficulties of the surgery and Thurrock CCG. £3 billion pounds have been wasted on reorganising the NHS, rather than spending that money on frontline services. However it does seem only fair that the residents of Aveley have some explanations about what is being done locally to tackle the problem.”

He told Your Thurrock: “There has been deafening silence on this issue from Tories and UKIP alike in Aveley. It is an appalling situation which is why I have written to get an immediate plan of action to improve the situation. I want a Labour government that will invest in the NHS – and that could only be 6 months away, but Aveley needs action now.”

Polly Billington Labour’s candidate to be Thurrock’s next MP has also pressed the CCG for action. She told YourThurrock

“This report backs up what residents know and we are campaigning to change: people are waiting far too long for appointments in Aveley. There needs to be a plan to improve the situation – and fast.

“But sadly residents have been let down on the health service by their representatives. Thurrock’s Tory MP voted for the expensive reorganisation costing £3bn which contributes to these problems and UKIP would make the situation worse by charging people to see their doctor.

“We need immediate help for Aveley residents, and we need proper investment in the NHS. With £2.5 bn extra to pay for more doctors nurses and midwives, a future Labour government would ensure the NHS had the resources it needs, for residents of Aveley and the rest of Thurrock.”

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