Mr Perrin’s Blog: "Calm down Labour, calm down dear.."

Mr Perrin’s blog; “A Word in Your Ear”

THE inflammatory language being used by some members of the Labour Party in Basildon and Thurrock, regarding UKIP, is disgraceful and hysterical…*

If you visit Cllr Terry Brookes page on “Twitter” you will be subjected to a diatribe of “tweets” and “retweets” by him, and other characters such as Scott Nelson @TheMokneyRebel, @shirleykay11 and others.

I quote a couple:-

“Party at nigel farage local tonight, all ordinary racist people invited”. @shirleykay.

“Here’s his shirt and jackboots”. Scott Nelson @TheMockneyRebel.

Referring to Mark Reckless UKIP, Parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood, now the elected MP for said constituency. The comment is illustrated with a picture of a “brown shirt” and a person wearing “jackboots”. The link to “Fascism” is obvious.

However, the most preposterous “tweet” comes from the account I believe belongs to Cllr Terry Brookes implying that UKIP are akin to the Klu Klux Klan.

See his “tweet” 10 Nov, linking UKIP to the Daily Mirror story about the Klu Klux Klan in America.

Then there is his “tweet” Oct 10, showing a picture of the ebola virus alongside a picture of Nigel Farage asking “which is worse” , followed by a “tweet” on Oct 11, referring to tory MP, Mark Hoban, as a “hypocritical turd”.

The Cllr is entitled to his opinions and has a right to express them, but to use insulting and inflammatory language in the public arena is not what one expects from a person in public office.

The “tweets” of Cllr Brookes gives us a truer insight as to his character, than the one he displays in his official role. Gutter politics appears to be his forte. Cllr Brookes would serve his constituents better if he spent less time “tweeting” and more time dealing with problems in his own Ward, such as the “mile long” mountain of rubbish currently blighting the landscape in Purfleet. But, having secured his election, perhaps he feels he can sit back comfortably for the next four years.

He has only been in office since October, 2014 and I am already sick and tired of his continuous babbling.

I say to Cllr Brookes, and the Labour Party in Thurrock, calm down! Your paranoia is causing you to believe there is a brown shirted member of UKIP lurking under every bed.

*”A functional disturbance of the nervous system, usually attended with emotional disturbances or perversion of the moral and intellectual faculties”.

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