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Mr Perrin’s Blog: Reflections on the Aveley By-Election

Mr Perrin’s blog; “A Word in Your Ear”

What a different reaction there was by the UKIP candidate, Tim Aker, and his supporters, when he won the Aveley and Uplands by-election last night [4December, 2014] to that when UKIP lost the Purfleet by-election in October, 2014.

From the despondency of Purfleet to the jubilation of Aveley, the smiles of Tim and his team, along with UKIP members and supporters, reduced that of the “Cheshire Cat” to a mere smirk. It really was a case of “the cat that got the cream” and boy did they relish it! (Votes: 747)

In contrast, the jubilation of the Labour victory in Purfleet turned into disappointment for the Labour candidate, John O’Regan, who, despite strong support from Polly Billington and hard campaigning, remained in third place. (Votes: 338)

Well done to Teresa Webster, the Conservative candidate, who, to my surprise, managed to achieve a creditable second place. (Votes: 520)

Also well done to Eddie Stringer, Independent candidate, who was not that far behind the Labour Party candidate. Eddie campaigned on local issues without the financial support of established political parties. It is to his credit that he bothers. (Votes: 217)

I sincerely hope there will be no more by-elections in Thurrock, especially resulting from circumstances that caused the Purfleet and Aveley by-elections, before the Local Government and General elections in May 2015.

Like a Christmas pudding, May 2015 has all the ingredients for a tasty “dish” to savour.

Will it be champagne and caviar for the Conservatives?

Will it be” EU imported” wine and cheese for the Labour Party?

Will it be, for UKIP, a heady rush from Aveley and Uplands to “onwards and upwards”?

Whatever 2015 brings politically, I wish them all a very happy Christmas.

I also take the opportunity to wish a very happy Christmas and a joyous and prosperous New Year to all the people of Thurrock, the Editor of “Your Thurrock” and his team, to all the bloggers and those who comment on the stories that appear in “Your Thurrock”.


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