Thursday, June 13, 2024

Frozen: Why we don’t cover the visits of Conservative MPs in Thurrock.

IT MAY or may not have come to your attention, that, over the past year or so, have not interviewed any Conservative MP, who has come into the borough.

Off the top of our head: David Cameron, George Osborne, Ian Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, Pritti Patel, Bob Neill, to name just a few.

The reason, we have not interviewed them is that we have simply not been invited.

Why we have been frozen out, well, heaven knows. We have asked Jackie Doyle Price but have not received a reply.

All, we wanted our readers to know is that we aren’t shirking our responsibilities.

We will continue to cover the Conservative press releases that are sent to us.

Whether it is the work of South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe. Whether it is the hard work of Stanford West cllr Shane Hebb or Sue Little in Orsett or Rob Gledhill in Little Thurrock or Pauline Tolson in The Homesteads.

We will continue to showcase the work of the Thurrock Conservatives in the council chamber, who continue to hold the Labour regime to account.

And if Conservative councillors continue to contact us and ask to highlight a campaign in their ward, whether it is mould in Ockendon, parking in Chafford, then we are more than happy to.

We will endeavour to do our best to cover the General Election of May 2015 as best we can and hope you will all continue to look in.

Thank you.


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