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Mr Perrin’s Blog: "Ella, JDP and that Aker fella"

Mr. Perrin’s blog: – “A Word in Your Ear”.

Holler UKIP racist loud enough and often enough and you begin to convince yourself it must be true.

We have heard quite a lot from Ms Ella Vine, the Labour Party candidate for Stanford-le-Hope West in the Local Government Election to be held in May 2015.

She has recently vehemently verbally attacked both Jackie Doyle-Price MP (Conservative) and the newly elected UKIP Councillor for Aveley and Uplands, Tim Aker MEP.

In a letter to the Editor of “Your Thurrock” titled “Is Jackie Doyle-Price really the guardian of the Green Belt?” Ms Vine criticises the MP for claiming, in a Tory leaflet, that her plan was to protect our green belt, and that the Labour run Thurrock Council is failing to deliver against local and national policy on protecting greenbelt.

Ms Vine seeks to correct Jackie Doyle-Price, saying “It is this Tory-led government new policy imposed on Councils like Thurrock that as from now the council does not have a say in what and where will be built”.

The implication being that it was this Conservative-led Government who removed decision making from Local to Central Government thus rendering local communities and local governments powerless when deciding green belt issues.

A contributor to the debate, Ed100, says,

“Ella it is you who need correcting. The Conservatives lost control of Thurrock Council in May 2010, when Labour with the backing of the BNP Councillor took control of Thurrock Council. The planning application for Butts Lane was received in October 2010. It was approved by the Labour Quango the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation on the 14th February 2011 pending approval of the Secretary of State.

Here is a nice link for you showing the minutes: This is a link showing the reasons for Eric Pickles decision.:- You are either completely ignorant of how planning policy worked in Thurrock when planning decisions were made by the TTGDC quango or are being deliberately disingenuous for political reasons. It was the previous Labour Government who took away planning decisions from Thurrock Council and handed them to an unelected unaccountable quango. I think you will find it was RAID who led the opposition to this development. Of course if you had lived in Stanford-le-Hope at the time you would know all this already”.

Ms Vine, you appear to be long on rhetoric but woefully short on facts. Not a good omen for your prospects in Local Government.

Ms Vine, your response to Mr Aker’s gesture to donate his Council allowance to charity is churlish and tells us more about you, your self-importance and the inflated sense you have of your power to influence Labour Party national policies.

You claim to have already “influenced” a number of Labour Party national policies. I believe the people of Thurrock would be very interested to know the nature of the policies and how you have influenced them.

Your comment; “None of my charities would ever take a donation from HIM (Mr Aker}. Or indeed, anyone from UKIP, It is an irony that a UKIP person tries to donate to good causes”, is another illustration of your self-importance i.e. they are YOUR charities and YOU decide for them. I suggest your arrogance could well result in “your” charities losing out on contributions from well- intentioned donors.

I assume your comment; “The hate, fear and damage their spread to our communities is irrepressible.” refers specifically to UKIP’s policy regarding uncontrolled immigration from EU countries.

I wonder, how you square your comment with the recent appearance of Ed Miliband on television showing in the background the slogan “Labour – Controlling Immigration fairly”. Will you be as vociferous with your concerns or are you easily placated by the word “fairly” whatever that means.

Both Labour and Conservatives have been compelled to treat uncontrolled immigration as a serious concern as a result of what you call UKIPs “hate and fear” campaign. Just as you champion EU immigrants so UKIP champions the right of the UK to control EU immigration. You would be outraged to be branded a racist for supporting EU immigrants, so I suggest you stop branding UKIP and anybody who supports them, as racist.

Ella, your irrepressibility cannot be denied when it comes to promoting yourself, understandably so bearing in mind your political ambitions in this country.


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