Polly says "Freeze that Fare" as rail ticket prices soar

LABOUR’S candidate to be Thurrock’s next MP is calling for a fare freeze as ticket prices go up with inflation. Since 2010 season tickets from Grays to London have been hiked an astonishing 23%.

Polly Billington said:

“People’s pay has barely risen but fares are going through the roof. People who live in Thurrock aren’t rolling in it, so they really feel it when their daily commute ends up costing so much. That’s a £420 increase on an annual season ticket since 2010.

“Out-of-touch Ministers talk about ‘fair fares for comfortable commuting’, but this is a world away from the reality for commuters living in Thurrock.”

The new fare rises came into effect on 2nd January 2015. An annual season ticket from Grays to Fenchurch Street for people living in Thurrock has gone up from £1,816 to £2,236.

Polly added:

“Thurrock’s Tory MP backs a government that supports a rip-off railway in Britain. I will campaign for a better deal for passengers and taxpayers. Labour will give passengers a voice in how the railways are run and stop passengers getting fleeced at ticket machines by making it a legal right for passengers to be sold the cheapest available ticket for their journey.”

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