Search for Brad Arthur: Senior detective in charge details progress made so far.

THE SENIOR detective in charge of the search for Brad Arthur has told YT that the search is still concentrating on the Grays area.

Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Richard Baxter has over 25 years experience in Essex Police.

He spoke to YT on Monday afternoon and gave us an update on progress they had made so far.

DCI Baxter said: "The search continues for Bradley and we are continuing to search in the Grays area.

"There is no other confirmed sightings or intelligence to suggest Brad is anywhere but the Grays area.

"We have not ruled out any other areas but, as I say, at the moment, we continue to concentrate on the area between where he was last seen (Grove Road, Grays and his home address (Drake Road, Chafford Hundred).

YT asked the DCI about the CCTV footage from Grove Road that captured two males walking down Grove Road at 4am on New Years Day morning. We asked if that footage had been discounted?

DCI Baxter said: "We are looking into all CCTV leads at the moment and there are no definitive sightings."

"There has also been reports of sightings of Bradley on CCTV at Grays Railway Station but that has been ruled out.

DCI Baxter wanted to re-stress that he wanted people to contact Essex Police with whatever leads they think they may have.

He said: "Some leads may have been discounted but we would still appeal to people that we do want to encourage them to come forward, if they think they have a sighting or any information that can help trace Bradley. Please ring 101 and ask for Grays Police Station."

DCI Baxter has paid tribute to the Thurrock public who have helped.

He said: "The response of the Thurrock people has been phenomenal. We are amazed and very grateful.

"Yesterday, we had over 200 people. We gave them instructions and it is appreciated.

"Naturally, we would prefer if people would not go into dangerous areas alone."

YT asked the DCI if they were making any progress through use of IT.

He said: "We are making on-going inquiries. These inquiries may take a day or two but we are working hard on that".

The DCI also stressed that Essex Police has an officer who is liaising with the Arthur family as a single point of contact.

DCI Baxter concluded the interview by stressing: "I would ask the residents of Grays to keep checking every outbuilding, garage and sheds.

"Our team continues to search for Bradley but any assistance would be greatly appreciated."

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