Thurrock Tories demand roads around the borough are cleaned up

THURROCK Conservatives are calling for the Highways Agency to clear up stretches of road they are responsible for across the borough.

Conservative spokesperson for Environment Cllr Pauline Tolson said "Thurrock is the home of Lakeside Shopping Centre, the Royal Opera House and endless sites of historical interest but what what greets motorists when they enter the borough are piles of rubbish on our main route verges. I drove along the A13 last week and was appalled, the rubbish on the side of the road is at its worst. I have been asking the Labour-run Council to get the Highways Agency to action this for months but to no avail. It seems that Labour are quite happy for visitors to Thurrock to be welcomed by piles of drinks cans, discarded fast food cartons and rubbish."

Calls for action have been echoed by Conservative Leader, Councillor Rob Gledhill "The section of footway between Little Thurrock and Tilbury Asda falls under the responsibility of the Highways Agency and is regularly blighted by piles of rubbish, bottles or bags of human waste and fast food cartons discarded by drivers using the lay by as a rest stop. I have lost count how many times I have asked for this stretch of footway to be cleared and have action taken to stop this disgusting practice. I have now contacted the Council’s Chief Executive calling for action and for the Highways Agency to be held to task over their responsibilities."

The Highways Agency have contracted Connect Plus Services to undertake some of the cleaning roles in Thurrock. Recently their Operations and Maintenance Manager said he had other priorities at present with patching of the highway, work on the toll booths and the preparation of the upgrading around the M25. Thurrock Conservatives say this is no excuse.

Cllr Tolson said "Whilst they maybe the busy, it always seems that they need some sort of coercing to get them to do the job they are paid to do! This isn’t the first time we have had to ask a senior council officer to contact them to tidy rubbish that is their responsibility. They are paid a significant amount of taxpayers money to do this work and we shouldn’t have to remind them month in and month out to get on with the jobs they are paid to do!"

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