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Blogpost: How are the New year resolutions going?

By Martin Healy

As i write this, it is the second weekend in January,so still not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2015, who would have thought it? It seems only very recently that we were paying a small fortune to celebrate the millennium. Remember all those y2k problem that we were all supposed to be having with old computer systems! Remember the Daily Mail going mad over the cost of the Millennium Dome. Has the Dome now the O2 arena turned out to be such a white elephant as predicted by doom merchants?

Anyway 2015 is upon us. New Year resolutions made and some already broken. My advice is ‘don’t be too hard on yourself’. That new year-resolution is probably a worthy one and you should not stop trying.

My wife enjoys going to the gym. Coming back from Impulse Leisure this week, she tells me about all these new people in the gym using her machines. I think my advice to support and encourage people with worthy new year’s resolutions like going to the gym is lost on Mrs Healy.

My own New Years resolution is to continue to enjoy and participate in Thurrock sporting life. 2014 was a splendid year for our family with local football teams, the cricket with Belhus c.c. and Thurrock rugby and hockey clubs.

This weekend the child taxis are back and it all starts again, my boy has his u9 rugby match up at Goresbrook for Tees v Barking RFC and my girl plays at the firemans for LTD u12 v Clacton. This time of year, you hope that games do not get rained off but us child taxi driver parents are a tough and resilient bunch, we will be back down the sports field of Thurrock with our progeny.

One thing we have learned from our diverse interest in sports is that our children in Thurrock are as good if not better than children in a lot of places from east London out into Essex. We should be very proud of our children’s efforts on the pitch and appreciative of their coaches for all their hard work. Being appreciative of our Thurrock sports coaches is therefore probably my new, new year resolution. I daresay that it is still not too late on the second weekend in January to make a worthy new year resolution.

Lastly, our new year has not started so well for everyone especially for our neighbours just down the road in Paris. This week’s slaughter of cartoonists at satirical magazine CharlieHebdo in Paris was horrendous. Not to mention the follow on murder of four people by another crazed psychopath at a Jewish Deli. Look, we may not always agree with one another but lets always defend our right to say it. Free speech is a credit to our tolerant nature and in my view can be a joy to listen to. How tedious and boring would it be if we were all so mono-culture. Vive la France. ‘Je suis Charlie’.


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