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Mr Perrin’s Blog: A and E and planning in Chafford

Mr Perrin’s blog; “A Word in Your Ear”.


The A&E crisis is a national problem and has been for quite some time. A number of reasons are cited such as a shortage of doctors and nurses, an increase in the number of people attending A&E and lack of adequate funds.

All of those reasons, undoubtedly, do have an impact on the efficiency and capability of A&E departments throughout the UK, but there is another reason and that is the actions of some GPs {doctors] who abrogate their responsibilities thereby leaving patients no alternative other than to attend hospital A&E.

GPs are highly remunerated, rightly so, but are they value for money? It would be uncharitable of me, and probably incorrect, to tar all GPs with the same brush but there are some GPs who do the minimum required of them and regard patients as nuisances they are obliged to tolerate. It seems most surgeries are open Mon-Fri 0900-1200hrs, 1500-1800hrs, closed 1200-1500hrs, with a half day, a total of 27 hours a week. Some patients have to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, a total of 84 hours for less than one tenth of a GPs salary.

To their credit some GPs are, owing to the crisis, making themselves available by opening extra hours and at week-ends hopefully reducing the pressure on A&E. How many GPs in Thurrock are signing up to do their bit? “YOUR PATIENTS NEED YOU!”


Mr David Bull, Director of Planning for Thurrock Council, apologises for his intervention during the debate stating he believes it essential the Planning Committee approve the application there and then, despite some Councillors wanting more time to consider perceived traffic/parking problems, and admits it is unfair of him to pressure them. He then proceeds to do exactly that, stating if the Committee delayed the application that the land sale could be lost and the school not open in September [2015]. Mr Bull appealed to the Committee to approve the application and trust him to deliver a satisfactory solution to their concerns, the application was duly approved. When the school opens I trust Mr Bull will be held to account should the Committee’s concerns become a reality.

Cllr Charles Curtis drew the attention of the Committee to the fact that the traffic/parking problem already exists at schools in Thurrock and he would be delighted if a solution could be found for them.


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