Palmer’s students return to mentor at former school

FIFTEEN William Edwards School students are returning back to their old school to mentor year 11 pupils.

The students are currently first year students studying A-levels at Palmer’s College however, all the students are studying A-level Maths. The current timetable allows students to finish at 2pm on Fridays. This has worked to an advantage for the local school and the students who have been visiting William Edwards school every Friday afternoon to mentor a group of year 11 Maths pupils.

The students have been mentoring pupils on a 1:1 basis and have been providing support on areas which pupils have found challenging.

Former head girl, Laura Wilmore said: “It’s really nice to go back to our old school and help pupils with their Maths especially as we are all studying Maths.”

The students involved include Joseph Mitchell, Mohammed Miah, Laura Wilmore, Ellen Farrow, Rebecca Sheridan, Jade Fennell, Zachary Lewin, Morgan Smith-Allen, Carla Briggs and Shyam Mistry.

The initiative was introduced by the students and has been running successfully since November 2014.

Mark Vinall, Principal of Palmer’s College, said: “This is a really positive initiative that helps learners in both organisations and I commend our mathematicians for their generous support for year 11.”

Steven Munday, Headteacher at William Edwards School, said: “We are always delighted to welcome back former students, but when they are back at William Edwards to support and work with our current students it’s really very special.

The impact of these year 12 students coaching and mentoring our current year 11 towards their Maths GCSE is significant. It has generated an incredibly positive atmosphere at revision sessions and everyone involved is getting so much from it. Our sincere thanks go to Palmer’s College for supporting this powerful initiative.”

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