Stanford Labour candidate Ella Vine leads campaign against housing plans on ‘flood plain"

THE residents of Stanford le Hope have signed a petition against the new proposal of building 153 homes on a flood plain by Victoria Road.

The petition, led by Stanford’s West Labour candidate, Ella Vine, has been submitted by her to the council.

Ella said: ‘"The residents in surrounding areas are rightly outraged. This issue to build on a flood risk area and former greenbelt, right in their backyard, has been ongoing for a few years.

"The last planning application has not been pursued and expired last year. However developers are now trying again and a new planning application will be discussed at the council in March.

"But the new development, if it goes ahead, would cause flood risk to the new and existing homes, increased traffic by the busy roundabout and add pressures to the local infrastructure and services. I have therefore supported residents in their collective effort to oppose it, knocked the doors of every house nearby, spoken to as many people as possible and collected a significant number of signatures under the petition. The vast majority of residents oppose the development’.

She adds: ‘What makes it more significant is that this land used to be a greenbelt, but has been voted out of the greenbelt 3 years ago. It was the local Tory councillor Shane Hebb who voted this land out of the greenbelt.

"This action was a damaging one to the local area of Victoria Road in Stanford and against the will of the residents. Councillors should put their actions where their mouth is, and not say one thing and do another in hope residents will not notice.

"Cllr Hebb is very quiet about this issue, but I am not; I am vocal about this. We need principled people who will stand up for us and put residents first. I will be speaking against this development during the planning committee meeting and I encourage residents to do the same. Together our voice is stronger and we can achieve more."

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