18 Unusual Gifts for Men for Valentine’s Day 2015

This Valentine’s Day, chances are (if you’re a woman) you’ll be receiving a card and some flowers if you’re lucky (and that’s if you reminded him the day before). Why not make him feel really guilty by reciprocating with something unusual. Here’s our list of nine unusual gift ideas ‘for him’…

Personalised ‘Remember When’ Print

If you haven’t been together very long, this one could be awkward. “Remember when…we’d only just met I bought you this £38 Valentine gift, so you panicked and dumped me”. Alternatively you could use this print to air some grievances in a longer relationship, “Remember when…you never do the supermarket shopping or, you do, but always just come back with beer and crisps.”

Remember When Print, £38 from notonthehighstreet.com

My Side Your Side Pillowcases

“Move over you’re on my side”, “No I’m not”, “Right, let’s get a tape measure”. Ugh, enough! Finally resolve this age old marital problem and make the sides of the bed absolutely crystal clear with a set of pillowcases.

My Side Your Side Pillowcases, £26 from notonthehighstreet.com

Personalised Carved Heart Cheeseboard

Aww how romantic. It’s a cheese board with a heart and your names carved into it. Also, if you ever have an argument this will be a good platform to send a hard hitting message, like when Captain Hook leaves a note menacingly pinned to the door with a dagger…

Personalised Carved Heart Cheeseboard, £25 from notonthehighstreet.com

Batman Tie Clip

Every day your other half trudges to the office in his drab old suit and tie. Why not help him live his true fantasy of being Batman by giving him this tie clip. Then instead of the office he can pretend he’s off to the Bat Cave. Don’t let him start calling you Robin though. That’s weird.

Batman Tie Clip, £8.76 from etsy.com

Bad Ass Key Chain

Just because he can’t afford an Audi R8, and is forced to drive an orange Fiat 500, it doesn’t mean he can’t feel like Snoop Dogg when he’s cruising down the high street. This keychain may help him create an illusion for himself inside the vehicle.

Bad Ass Key Chain, from £4.76 from etsy.com

Spa Day

Men like going to the spa too. They might say that they don’t, and that it feels funny being in the robe with the slippers on, but secretly they love it. Try this package including a ‘hot stone tension relief and an ice-cold stone eye massage’, plus an ‘eyebrow trim and tidy’. Your man will return to you perfectly groomed and stress free with nice neat eyebrows.

Men’s Grooming Experience, £89 available at Champneys.com

iPhone Arcadi

One of the biggest causes of domestic disputes is husbands going on their phones while their wives are talking (this fact is made up). But on Valentine’s Day, show him you love him by embracing this INFURIATING habit. The Arcadi will transform your man’s iPhone into a mini arcade so he can play his stupid little games with a joystick and really feel like a grown up.

iPhone Arcadi, £14.95 prezzibox.com

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

Why is it that men feel brave when they eat spicy food? What is that little glint they get in their eye when adding the chilli sauce? Oh well, this one should keep him quiet. Officially (according to the internet) the hottest hot sauce in the world is for sale in the USA and contains 357,000 units of heat. “If it were any hotter, it wouldn’t be a sauce”. Have a glass of milk at the ready.

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce, $12.98 hotsauceworld.com

A Lordship

For £499.99 your husband can become the Lord of his very own 1000 sqft plot of land the Scottish Highlands. He’ll feel very important and it helps conservation in Scotland. Plus, you can encourage him to visit his kingdom whenever you fancy the house to yourself. Win win win.

Plots of land start from £29.99 at Highlandtitles.com

The Valentines Man Box

A wholesome and hearty gift box packed full of manly treats – the perfect stocking filler to keep him happy. An ideal present for the father, brother or man in your life. The Man Box ticks all the boxes. Beer. Meat. Crackling. Chutney. What more could a man want from a box?! Eat separately or mix it up. Our personal fave: take a piece of crackling, spread on a little smoked apple chutney, swig some beer and finish with a slice of charcuterie. Man tapas and beer… lovely.

The Valentines Man Box, £22, Ross & Ross

Valentine’s Locket For Him

The ultimate in personal jewellery, a glass locket to fill with personal and treasured keepsakes. TreasurePods: Hold your memories safe in their pod. Whether it be some grains of sand from the beach where you proposed, a swallow charm to ensure a safe return home when he is maybe away on business. A reminder of who you are, where you are going and where you have been. What memories will he carry in his locket from you? Fill your TreasurePod with your own keepsake or choose from the company’s own selection of charms, letters of the alphabet and birthstones.

Valentine’s Locket For Him, £120, Slinks & TreasurePods

Valentine’s Day Secret Message Cufflinks

These Valentine’s secret message cufflinks with a handsome personalised gift box make a super gift for the man in your life on Valentine’s Day. As standard on a tiny scroll of paper in cufflink number one a sweet massage reads "Happy Valentine’s Day x". The company then adds a second secret message inside cufflink number two on a tiny scroll of white paper hand typed by its vintage typewriter. This can be anything you like – tell your husband he looks great today, tell your boyfriend he’s your soul mate or just that you love him today more than yesterday…What a sweet idea! Just for him……

Valentine’s Day Secret Message Cufflinks, £26.99, Oh So Cherished

Sometimes, simple really is best….

You’re My Cup Of Tea

Mug, £2, Sainsbury’s.


Personalised Hidden Message Valentines Chocolate Spoon

Fabulous silver plated spoon, personalised with your own words which are hidden in a block of luxurious chocolate. Stir the spoon into warm milk to create a dreamy hot chocolate drink… and watch as the secret message is revealed! This is the perfect way to surprise someone – how about personalising a spoon with ‘be my valentine’, will you marry me’ or just simply ‘I love you’!The spoons are personalised with your own words and then set in 100 per cent Belgium chocolate – a thick layer of dark chocolate, thinner layer of white chocolate and topped with red love heart sugar sprinkles. They will arrive wrapped in cellophane and tied with chiffon ribbon with tag and spoon charm.

Personalised Hidden Message Valentines Chocolate Spoon, £23, The Cutlery Commission, notonthehighstreet.com

Retro USB Mix Tape

Remember taping the Top 40 off the radio on a Sunday night? Make your own personalised tape for your loved one with this retro USB Mix Tape.

£14.95, prezzybox.com

Retro USB Mix Tape, £14.95, prezzybox.com

‘You Are Simply Wonderful’ Print

This would be a great present for your other half, just in case he needs reminding just how great he really is! ‘You Are Simply Wonderful’: Optimistic and full of energy.The colours are sharp and vibrant. Charcoal background with white and dark yellow wording. The lithographic poster is printed on a 250gsm, silk quality paper and will be shipped in a sturdy card tube wrapped in tissue paper.

‘You Are Simply Wonderful’ Print, £5 (50% off), Sarah & Bendrix, notonthehighstreet.com

Personalised Vintage Illustration Cufflinks

These charming vintage designs capture the wierd and wonderful world of Posh Totty’s curiosity cufflinks.

Taken from an exquisite Parisian 1934 encyclopédique, the company has set some of these enchanting images into its cufflinks with the option of personalising your pair with a message on the other. A unique gift for him for Valentine’s. You can add a little humour to your cufflinks or declare your undying love, it’s up to you!

Personalised Vintage Illustration Cufflinks, £18.50, Posh Totty Designs Creates


Great for stirring his morning cuppa: Engraved love spoon, £25, www.WhiteStuff.com

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