Anti-Valentine’s Day 2015: 7 Ways to Celebrate Being Single

Anti-Valentine’s Day 2015: 7 ways to celebrate being single

This Valentine’s Day, there will be plenty of lovey-dovey couples exchanging the usual romantic gifts and engaging in the usual romantic nights on the town. How depressingly predictable, pass the sick bucket!

But what about the people who’ve no one to share this day with? Or who have just experienced a break-up? Or who frankly don’t care?

Instead of moping about and feeling left out, here are a few suggestions for celebrating singled:

1. Sell Stuff from your Ex – Get rid of all the teddy bears, rings, bracelets, and other gifts left over from your dead relationship by selling them on ebay or even at the specialty resale sites

NeverLikedItAnyway and ExBoyfriendJewelry

2. Buy a Breakup Gift – Go on a shopping spree for yourself. Being single means you have the extra time and extra cash to treat yourself. 1,2,…GO!

3. Enjoy an Anti-Valentine’s Dinner – While many restaurants host special Valentine’s Day dinners—tasting menus, fixed-price multi-course deals with Champagne, and so on (heave)—why don’t you get in your PJ’S and order a take-out for one instead? 

4. Give yourself a make-over – Whilst your friends are overloading themselves with candy and chocolate – why not go to the gym or get a hair cut. You’ll be looking flawless for the rest of February. 

5. Get crafty – why not make some Anti-Valentine’s cards? Let all sickly sweet pictures of giant hearts, grinning teddy bears and limp flowers be washed away, and create bitter-sweet Anti-Valentine’s Day cards, and a few tokens of non-affection you’ll actually want to in the post this year. 

6. Valentine’s Day is for couples. SINGLES have the other 364 days of the year to enjoy yourself – so use it wisely…

7. Potentially learning the routine to Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies – or if you’re feeling adventurous – Run the World.

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