Thurrock cop tells BBC "We were forty and now we are six"

ON MONDAY morning, BBC Radio 4 presented a report from Thurrock on the upcoming general election.

It is part of a tour of a hundred constituencies in the run up to May 7th.

The tour of Thurrock included an interview with Colin Rate of Rates Ford in Hogg Lane who was ebullient.

Two scrap merchants in Grays were certainly considering Ukip and there were mixed messaged down at a club in Little Thurrock. (One man described Ukip as the "Tories in drag".

But perhaps it was the words of a man described as an off-duty police officer which struck a chord with many of the stories we have been running over the past few years.

Lee told Matthew Price of Radio 4: "The police, the fire brigade, the social services, all sorts of organisations. The Conservatives and Liberals are bringing the country to its knees.

"The emergency services can’t cope. Twenty five years ago we would muster, for a days duty thirty five sometimes forty officers. We are now managing as little as six or seven."

"I will vote. I don’t usually bother but this time I will."

YT intends to take up the issue of police numbers in the borough a number of key personnel including the candidates at the next general election.

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