Ukip’s Tim Aker welcomes £3 billion pledge for NHS

THURROCK MEP Tim Aker has welcomed the announcement from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage at the weekend that UKIP would put an extra £3 billion into the NHS every year, funded by money saved by leaving the European Union.

Tim Aker MEP said: “As people know, the National Health Service is being increasingly stretched to breaking point. Contrary to lies from other parties, UKIP wants a free NHS there to look after those in need.

“This extra three billion pounds per year to be pumped into frontline services in the NHS by UKIP is badly needed. The other parties would rather use that money to give to the EU in Brussels. That’s a disgrace.

“UKIP would take further measures such as ensuring those who come to our country have paid into the pot before they can start using free NHS services. People must pay into our country before they start taking out.

“As on other issues, I’ll debate the NHS any time, any place.” ​

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