Saturday, October 1, 2022

Chaotic scenes as motion passed over 501 homes in Aveley

THERE were chaotic and controversial scenes in the Thurrock Council chamber last night (Wednesday) over a motion on the failed bid to build over 500 homes in Aveley.

The original motion proposed by Aveley councillor, Maureen Pearce asked the council to "welcome the decision by the secretary of state to reject plans for 500 houses on the former fireman site in Aveley."

However, the bone of contention for some was the second part which asked the council to "extend its gratitude to MP Jackie Doyle-Price for her role in persuading the Secretary of State to review the application"

A number of councillors disputed this part of the motion including the Ukip councillors, Robert Ray and Tim Aker.

Our film highlights a number of the objections Ukip made before and after the outburst from the partner of Jackie Doyle-Price, cllr Mark Coxshall.

After the outburst, the leader of the Conservative group, cllr Rob Gledhill quizzed Ukip as to what they were inferring regarding the MP.

Council leader John Kent also spoke and made a number of criticisms of the Conservatives and gave an overview of the application.

As you will see from the film, he pulled no punches and referred to the "disgraceful attempts by the MP to undermine this authority."

There was a gap in proceedings as the amendment was debated. This appeared to not be helped by the absence of the chief executive, Graham Farrant who absented himself as he was out filming a piece for The One Show in Grays. His replacement, council legal officer, Fiona Taylor, seemed a little unsure of herself.

Edited highlights of the debate are below.


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