Saturday, October 1, 2022

Let us fight enviro-crime together says Thurrock Council

OVER recent months Thurrock has been in the headlines, sometimes for the wrong reasons, and public protection chief Cllr Phil Smith is asking for people’s help.

He said: “The fly-tipping at Cory’s Wharf in Purfleet made unwanted national headlines, and lately there’s been a focus on the Highways Agency’s section of the A13, but our Environmental Protection team need help to bring those at fault to book.

“We do our best to clear up after those who leave a mess on our streets and our land, but what we want to do is prosecute those at fault – those people who fly-tip, those who let their dogs foul the footpath and green spaces.

“Everyone knows councils are having to work with less money these days and targeting those who cause the mess may not only reduce the problem, but we could also seek financial redress through the courts too.”

Cllr Smith added: “I want to make it perfectly clear, I do not want responsible members of the public getting into trouble or putting themselves at risk in any way, but we would appreciate it if residents were our eyes and ears, giving us the information we need to target environmental crime in the borough.”

“If people see vehicles used for fly-tipping and can obtain its registration number and give a date, a time and a location of the event, this would really help, though they should never approach those responsible, just watch from a distance if it is safe to do so.

“If they can get details of those individuals from any particular property that they see fly-tipping – for example in an alleyway or rear access – then any details passed on can be investigated.

“And people who see irresponsible dog owners allowing their pet to foul in the street or open space without clearing it up can also report it. Any details of those responsible – addresses or vehicles they may use for example – can be very helpful to investigating officers.”

All information passed on to investigating officers is kept confidential and at no time will details of those passing on information be disclosed to those responsible.

The council makes it as easy as possible to report environmental crime as reports of incidents – with as much detail as possible – can be made by any the following methods: email: ; use the council website or the council’s smart phone Report It app; or call 01375 652572 or 652004.

Cllr Smith said: “Over recent years we have made tremendous strides in improving the look of our borough and we should all remember it is our borough, our home.

“Don’t take risks, but please help us maintain this improvement by letting us know as soon as possible and with as much information as possible if you spot something happening. All help is appreciated.”


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