Sunday, September 25, 2022

Rotarians sponsor school football teams

THE Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside are pleased to announce their sponsorship of both the boys and girls football teams at Corringham Primary.

When the club learned that the school was anxious to find funding for new football kits for their football teams, the Rotary Club were keen to be involved.

Within a week of agreeing to sponsor the school, the shirts, shorts and socks were ordered complete with the Rotary Club’s logo.

The shirts eventually arrive on Wednesday 28th January, just in time for them to be used for the first games of 2015. The boys would be at home to Arthur Bugler Junior School whilst the girls would travel to Graham James Academy. Both games being played on Friday 30th January.

As soon as the youngsters emerged from the changing rooms having donned their new strip, it was clear that they had found a new confidence and were proud to show off their kit.

Several Rotarians were amongst the crowd supporting the boys team who performed magnificently. So much so that they could teach the professionals a thing or two about how to behave. There was no dissent with the referee, no shirt- pulling, feigning injury and the game was played with great sportsmanship.

Corringham finished as worthy winners by 5-0, but the overall winners were the children of both sides who conducted themselves admirably. A credit to both schools. The result of the girls match is unknown at the time of writing. Another project delivered by the Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside for the benefit of their community.

The pictures show both the boys and girls team just prior to their matches and also Rotarians David Fenn and Charlie Key showing the kits to the club members.


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