Saturday, June 22, 2024

Thurrock Tories angry over Labour’s claim on fire brigade cuts

THE Thurrock councillor who sits on the Essex Fire Authority board, has reacted with anger at claims by Thurrock Labour over cuts to the fire service.

Councillor Tom Kelly said "I cannot believe the blatant hypocrisy of Ms Billington or indeed the Labour Party on this.

"In November 2014 Labour’s Shadow Minister Lyn Brown addressed the Fire Brigade Union and yet again said Labour would not be reversing the funding reductions made to the fire brigade.

"It is deceitful for Labour’s Thurrock candidate to try and whip up a bit of media coverage by saying the cuts need to be reversed when her party has no intention of doing so.

"This is compounded with the fact that in May 2014, Labour’s representative on the policy and strategy committee at the fire authority voted in support of the plan to remove the rescue tender at Grays within 12 months.

"With so many contradictions it makes you wonder if she is not kept up to date with what her party is saying, or is she just jumping on any band wagon she can in a vain hope to revive Labour’s popularity in Thurrock!

"She needs to come clean on this issue and stop trying to hoodwink residents with half truths and fake promises."


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